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Good day Houston, Raismes, Kyiv, Delhi, Shanghai and Osaka, Its a good day to try BRAND 5®............FREE SHIPPING to USA / CA...........$10 USD Flat Rate to EUROPE..........TOUR QUALITY, BEST PRICES..........FAST, POWERFUL & STABLE

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers needed to fully enjoy your experience with Brand 5™
Why do Canadians pay extra shipping fees prior to delivery?

When a Canadian customer purchases product from BRAND 5™ there are no USA sales taxes (its the law).  Canadian customers pay for only product and shipping, however, when the package enters Canada, it is assessed a Canadian VAT from 5% – 10% depending upon the destination province/territory and usually a small handling fee, both levied by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) for the importation of goods.  See the chart below for the breakdown of the VAT’s.

BRAND 5™ Official Racket Pricing and Coupon Offers

All BRAND 5™ rackets are automatically discounted by $30, so our listed prices are $169.99. Here’s the secret to receiving the best deals on the planet. Pick out your favorite racket and enter the coupon code $60 off pro rackets to get an additional $60 off any racket on the BRAND 5™ site. Now, try this one too. Choose any pro court jersey and add it to your basket, then enter one more coupon code free pro jersey.  Get it?  So, you get $90 off our pro quality rackets and a free pro court jersey!  Pretty cool!  

Are these professional quality rackets?

Yes!  BRAND 5™ rackets are built to the highest standards and are easily comparable to $200+ performance rackets from any international brand (Yonex, Victor, RSL, adidas, Li Ning, Carlton, Maxx, Black Knight, Wilson, Fleet, Forza and Ashaway). BRAND 5™ rackets are designed to be very stable and easy to play. Each series is engineered and crafted with high quality carbon fiber composites and tour level performance technologies for great court reliability.

What racket should I buy?

BRAND 5™ has made the racket buying decision simple. We have engineered a set of professional performance enhancing technologies into all of our rackets and set one standard price to make the decision simple and painless. These enhancements make BRAND 5™ rackets easy and effortless to play. All you have to decide is if you want to play a SPEED, a POWER or an ALL AROUND racket.

I restrung my racket, why does it feel different?

Brand 5™ rackets use a 20 x 22 string pattern (20 main and 22 cross). Chances are your stringer used a 22 x 22 string pattern. The racket can be played, no problem, but BRAND 5™ rackets are designed to use the 20 x 22 pattern for optimum playability. The next time you restring, please download our stringing pattern guide and give to your stringer for best results. If you are reading this prior to restringing, please download our string pattern and give to your stringer.

What is the difference between the three BRAND 5™ racket specs?

The Shinjuku Girl™ series uses a medium flex, 75 gram frame. When strung they top out at 79 grams. This light weight speed design with a super power balance makes this series super-fast yet powerful. SPEED!

The Shanghai Boss™ series is a heavier power frame for aggressive play, yet only 90 grams when strung. The combination of even balance and slightly firm frame makes this series a perfect traditional power frame. POWER!

The Seoul Vibe™ series is a natural blend between the speed of super light rackets and the power of traditional heavier power rackets. It is power balanced, medium weight at 86 grams strung, with a medium flex and is the perfect all around racket for the average player. ALL AROUND!

Does BRAND 5™ use titanium?

No. Titanium is a metal that is somewhat soft in its natural state, but when combined in small amounts in special aluminum alloy rackets, can reduce weight and create a stiffer frame. Sometimes global racket makers use titanium metal mesh for a marketing story since consumers think it has performance value.

Does BRAND 5™ use Carbon Fullerenes, Carbon Nanotubes or Graphene nano technology?

No. The vast amount of true nano materials only offer a sexy marketing story in rackets. Typically, in high end applications nano material is used in the graphite resin to help fill small bubble voids and aids the bonding of resin to graphite fibers. The only problem is the true exotic nano materials are expensive and can run well over $200 per gram. You can imagine the price of a racket if these exotic forms of true nano materials were actually used. Many racket makers who use these materials make a small “patch” or “strip” and incorporate this small amount so legally they can say the material is used. We have personally seen this practice in production settings in other global racket brands. It is our personal feeling that most brands claiming exotic materials do not actually use it and only do so for marketing stories (smoke and mirrors). There are a number of other non-carbon nano powders used that have some benefit, but these are not nano carbon based.

What is the difference between goose feathers and duck feathers?

The quills of duck feathers are flat but the quills of goose feathers have a recessed channel. This recessed channel runs down the goose feather quill and gives it greatly increased strength and durability. Because the goose feathers are so much stronger and reliable they are used in BWF approved shuttlecocks in international tournaments.

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