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Good day Houston, Raismes, Kyiv, Delhi, Shanghai and Osaka, Its a good day to try BRAND 5®............FREE SHIPPING to USA / CA...........$10 USD Flat Rate to EUROPE..........TOUR QUALITY, BEST PRICES..........FAST, POWERFUL & STABLE

Our Values

Brand 5™ provides the highest quality of products for a game like you've never played

Why BRAND 5™

BRAND 5™ is a new micro-brand, with an exclusive range of high performing products.

We have over 30 years of advanced product development expertise in concept, design, materials & technology development.

Our corporate footprint is very small, which means we can offer you the best prices, features and quality.

It’s simple, BRAND 5™ offers high-end products at substantial savings.

Brand 5 Sports

Play BRAND 5™

Engineered with HIGH-END AEROSPACE MATERIALS and SPECIAL CARBON FIBERS from Toray Industries, Inc., of Japan for dependable playability.

Designed with PRECISION LOW-TORQUE TECHNOLOGIES to provide greater stability for accurate shot placement.

Crafted with the SMOOTH RESPONSE SYSTEM for playing comfort and a professional feel.

It’s simple, BRAND 5™ rackets give you the players edge.

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